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Maggie and Rick in the Season 8 premiere

Season 8 of The Walking Dead has been an unconventional one. Chock full of gun fights and action, TWD is moving at a breakneck pace that is sometimes difficult to keep up with. Because Rick is launching an assault on Negan and The Saviors, there are a variety of locations and skirmishes being shown at any given time; the action has been so much that we've barely even seen inside the walls of Alexandria. It turns out that the people behind the series are aware of how different Season 8 has been. In fact, producer Greg Nicotero recently revealed that the current season will feel like the reverse of the past ones. He said,

Traditionally, the way The Walking Dead works is we kind of set up our first half of the season to lead us into this second half. Usually the second half of the season kind of shoots us off into space, so when we lay these little seeds and as things start to germinate, something that happens in episode two may not pay off until episode 13. I feel like this first half is going to feel like the second half of most of our seasons where we're already kind of taking off and I think people are going to be blown away by it.

Now this is interesting. While The Walking Dead's new season is currently making waves for playing with time and settings, it also appears that things will settle down after the winter hiatus. But what could that mean for the show's narrative?

Greg Nicotero's comments to Comic Book tease that the current pace will likely slow down in the second half of the season. This is sure to excite some fans, who find the first episodes of Season 8 a bit exhausting as it is currently. There have been multiple timelines and assaults explored in the first two episodes of the season, so it's been a bit hard to follow everyone's favorite apocalyptic series. And with such an emphasis on shootouts and action in the war against Negan, character development has been lacking a bit.

After the explosive Season 7 finale, fans are eager to see how the survivors are navigating the current war-- which hasn't been void of casualties. Furthermore, Rosita has been utterly nonexistent, as she's currently in Rosita recovering from a bullet wound. Of course, actress Christian Serratos had also just had a baby at the time, with her wound providing a reason to keep Ro Ro out of sight and out of mind for a few episodes.

But if the pace slows down in the back half of TWD Season 8, does that mean the war will be over in the midseason finale? This would make All Out War drastically shorter than its run in The Walking Dead comics. Although considering how massive the budget likely is (as well as the pressure of keeping Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the show), it does make sense for them to slow things down after a while.

Alas, we'll just have to wait and see how The Walking Dead shakes out this season. Season 8 is currently airing Sundays on AMC. Check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.