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Ever since Jodie Whittaker was announced as the replacement for Peter Capaldi, the Doctor Who universe has been eagerly waiting for any and all glimpses of the actress portraying the Doctor. Today, The BBC lifted the curtain a bit and revealed the first look at the Doctor for Season 11, and it's really something:

It's certainly an...interesting selection of attire for any Doctor male or female. Her coat is very long, her pants are very high and held up with suspenders, and the boots give off a vibe this Doctor is ready for anything. As far as to what exactly, it's really hard to pinpoint, but as John Barrowman said it's always best to give things a chance before judging outright.

It's also not like any past Doctors of Doctor Who haven't worn these articles of clothes before either. David Tennant was a big fan of the long coats, and the suspenders are in line with the "cool" bowties, sunglasses, scarves and other fashion accessories the Doctor has been obsessed with over the years. As far as the rest is concerned, what fashion rules has Jodie Whittaker broken that haven't been stomped into the ground by that hideous jacket Colin Baker wore in the mid-80s? There's really no era that can justify THAT type of fashion choice. Then again, some are referencing the past on Twitter in response to Jodie Whittaker's wardrobe and comparing her Doctor's look to another alien who had a show on television in the '80s:

Beyond that, reactions have ranged from hating Jodie Whittaker's look to the thought that it might be an in-joke that will be addressed in the series. After all, this is the first time the Doctor has been a woman, so obviously, there could be some hiccups regarding the change in fashion. Others have pointed out the clothing decisions are almost anti-fashion, which makes it timeless. A Time Lord having timeless fashion, could the Doctor Who staff be so brilliant in their designing of this outfit? Given the fact that Jodie Whittaker's Doctor was wearing an entirely different outfit in her debut, it's possible this getup isn't a permanent thing. That's not incredibly likely, though, given that most Doctors kept their look consistent throughout the series, but it is possible.

Doctor Who will return for its Christmas special and Peter Capaldi's goodbye December 25th on The BBC. For more on Whittaker's Doctor and Season 11 of Doctor Who, read up on the new characters that will be joining Whittaker and her new look, or about how else the franchise may change under the new showrunner. For more on upcoming fall programming, visit our fall premiere guide.