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As Matt Smith goes on his press tour for the upcoming release of Season 2 of The Crown on Netflix, he's getting hit with some Doctor Who questions. Because of that, Smith recently remarked that he'd be down for a return to the franchise sometime in the future, and went so far as to offer fans a hint as to when they can expect to see him:

Yeah. Why not? I'd come back. You know if the timing was right. You got to give a few years to Ms. Whittaker to sort of get the TARDIS under her belt, as it were. And then yeah, one day. Look, I'll be back one day when I'm old and gray, which isn't far off.

Smith, who is presently 35 and not looking that old and gray, told MTV he's all for making a return back to the world of Doctor Who at some point. Smith left the franchise in 2013 and was replaced by Peter Capaldi who will soon be saying farewell to the series in this year's Christmas special. Smith did make one cameo appearance following his exit in the episode "Deep Breath," although it has been stated that Smith filmed the scene during the filming of his final episode "The Time Of The Doctor." So, if Matt Smith does choose to return to Doctor Who in the future, it will technically be his first cameo since his final episode as the Doctor.

Smith mentions timing in his statement, and it really makes one wonder what timing he's referring to in regards to his return. Maybe he's saying the fans need time to get used to Jodie Whittaker's Doctor before he attempts to work his way into the show, or maybe he's saying he's open to a return but wants to make sure it falls in line with other things he's doing in his career. Regardless of context, it appears fans still have a wait ahead of them before they see Matt Smith back in Doctor Who.

Matt Smith's quote is different, but his stance on returning hasn't changed much from when he was asked a year ago. At the time, Smith joked about how he might anger Peter Capaldi by jumping back in too soon, which when paired with this quote makes it seem as though he's really wanting to make sure he's not stepping on any other Doctor's toes if he comes back. Considering this coming Doctor Who special and past episodes have featured Doctor duos teaming up, perhaps he shouldn't worry so much!

The Doctor Who Christmas special is set to kick off December 25th at 9 p.m. ET on BBC America. For a look at upcoming future programming, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide or our midseason premiere guide to see what's on tap for 2018. For a look at shows that got the ax in 2017, visit our cancellation guide.

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