Van Helsing Renewed For Season 3 At Syfy

While Hollywood is currently looking for the perfect person to take on the role of vampire hunter Van Helsing within Universal's Dark Universe franchise, the small screen already has fantastic iteration in Kelly Overton portrayal of the titular hero in in Syfy's Van Helsing. Audiences will be getting to watch Overton's work for quite a while longer, as Syfy has renewed Van Helsing for Season 3, which will debut at some point in late 2018.

Thankfully, Syfy is giving Van Helsing another full-length run for Season 3, with 13 episodes ordered up. According to Deadline, production is set to kick off in February 2018, following the normal schedule, so fans won't be dealing with any big delays between seasons. Which is more than I can say for some other shows on TV these days.

Without going into spoilers, it should be extremely interesting to see where Vanessa Van Helsing goes next, especially since we still don't know how Season 2 is going to cap things off. Everything surrounding BlakTek and the genetic tests seems to be setting the show up for some crazy reveals in the near future, and now that all involved know that the story will continue for another season, the creative team can hopefully keep crafting new and surprising narrative avenues for this supernatural universe.

Creator Neil LaBute had some exciting words to offer fans hoping Van Helsing gets bigger and better as time goes by. According to his statement:

The writing team has some amazing adventures planned for our cast and a few new surprises as well---expect blood to be spilled and characters to die screaming while the fate of humanity slips closer and closer to the edge of true chaos and utter darkness.

For better or worse -- and we're pretty sure it's "worse" here -- Van Helsing has a dedicated fanbase that loves the show, but it's typically a far smaller fanbase than that of most shows. While Season 1 generally had between 500,000-600,000 viewers per week, Season 2 hasn't been able to bring in over a half-million in any of the episodes that have aired so far. Plus, the key demo rating in the 18-49 age range hovers around the pretty paltry 0.10 range, which admittedly isn't the worst for a genre cable show, but it's also far from the best. On the other end of the dial, for instance, one of the latest episodes of The Walking Dead's lower-rated Season 8 brought in 3.6 million viewers just in delayed viewings, which earned an impressive 1.7 demo rating.

Here's hoping people will be tuning into the next episode, "Be True." You can watch the haunting and action-packed trailer for it below.

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Those seeking more from Season 2 will soon be pleased anew, as Van Helsing airs Thursday nights on Syfy at 9:00 p.m. ET, with the season finale set to air on January 4, 2018. To see what other new and returning shows are currently and soon-to-be-airing, head to our 2018 midseason premiere schedule.

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