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Just about every conversation concerning The Walking Dead's upcoming episodes has revolved around the doomed fate of Carl Grimes, and how that shocker will affect everything. But Carl only has one episode left, while there are a slew of characters that will (assumedly) still be standing after that. And we get to see a lot of them in the midseason trailer below, which obviously teases the next steps in the All Out War. It also happens to hint at a big comic book story finally getting used in full after a previous tease. Just watch for Eugene below.

Quite the hair-raising trailer, yeah? We've got good guys fighting bad guys. Good guys fighting walkers. Good guys fighting other sorta-good guys. Team Family cannot escape fighting someone at any given moment. And one moment in the trailer shows us former protagonist Eugene holding a bullet in a way that implies he manufactured said projectile, which isn't exactly a great thing for said good guys.

As fans probably remember, Eugene originally put his bullet-making skills to work for Alexandria in Season 7, but he only had time to craft one of them before Rosita used it in a failed attempt to kill Negan -- thanks, magically bulletproof Lucille! -- which resulted in Eugene getting taken to the Sanctuary in the first place. It seemed at that point like the TV show would have continued on with a revamped page-to-screen version of Eugene's ammunition development operation, but his early days at the Sanctuary were filled with other tasks and problems to solve.

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In the comics, Eugene and others discover a factory that allows him to craft bullets for everyone's weapons, and though he also got taken by Negan on the page, that iteration of Eugene refused to do anything to help the Saviors, and later returned to Rick's crew and later continues his bullet-making operation on a larger scale. That clearly won't be happening around Alexandria just yet, but we're hoping that somebody ends up stopping Eugene's bullet-making work for the Saviors before he gets too far.

While we're hoping for things, I would really like Eugene to come to his damned senses and go back to siding with our heroes, as it were. Then he can get back to making tons of bullets that will end up getting used on the Saviors and other villains coming in the future. But while it sounds like The Walking Dead will be shifting away from its source material in bigger ways in the future, having Eugene supply ammo for the Saviors would be an interesting an strategic comic twist that could lead to more protagonists getting killed off before Season 9 rolls around with the new showrunner.

Beyond Eugene, some other big moments include Tara holding a gun to Dwight's head, Morgan busting some undead skulls, Ezekiel possibly facing hard times, and Enid sobbing, probably over Carl. Let's not forget Rosita getting attacked by what might possibly be Swamp Thing, also. I can't wait to see that gross bastard up close.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for the back half of Season 8 on Sunday, February 25, at 9:00 p.m. ET. While waiting, check out all the shows that will be debuting in the meantime with our midseason premiere schedule.