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Game of Thrones Season 8 may be the most anticipated TV season out there, but Westworld's bigger and bolder Season 2 is definitely up there, and it also shares that whole "waiting more than a full year between releases" strategy. Thankfully, HBO dropped a Season 2 trailer during the Super Bowl, and though it wasn't quite enough to sate our rabid hunger for more deeply unsettling sci-fi from Delos Incorporated, a much longer version was thankfully released online. And it has the release date! Check it out below.

Since the trailer aired during NBC's Super Bowl programming block, which will likely go down as 2018's most-watched telecast, we unsurprisingly didn't get to see any of Westworld's more bawdy and mature elements. Unclothed and unplugged hosts would likely destroy the minds of many a young football fan. The extended version didn't even go wild, but there was a lot of other magnificence for fans to chew on. Such as that big party scene. The stripped-down host coming after Bernard. Oh, and that artificially intelligent bull wrecking shop during that fantastic-looking shootout within Delos' inner sanctum.

In true Westworld fashion, the trailer starts off quite idyllically, showing off "this beautiful world," with lush, sunit fields and people holding hands. But then rather suddenly, a bull starts to rush forward through the scene, adding a blip of danger to the otherwise pleasant visuals. And then reality completely shifts, as the half-fabricated bulls are seen to actually be dashing around behind the scenes, seemingly as part of a takeover plot spearheaded by Maeve.

And then things take an even darker turn, as Bernard & Co. discovery a slew of bodies washing up on a beach and floating in the nearby water. It looks like the hosts really are taking over Westworld and unleashing hell on those bringing it to life. That same unskinned host is doing some damage to someone here, and this victim already appears to have a big wound in their lower back, so...I guess it wouldn't matter that much if it was Bernard. In any case, someone is getting roughed up, and this probably won't be the only person suffering.

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And there's nothing non-terrifying about this group.

And there's nothing ominous about whatever's going on in this moment.

We still don't know all that much about where the show is going, and the stars like it better that way. Westworld Season 2 is set to debut on HBO on Sunday, April 22. Stay tuned for more updates, and while you're waiting, head to our midseason premiere schedule to catch up with all the new and returning shows that'll show up in primetime first.

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