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Chris Chibnall is really going all-out with the changes for Doctor Who. The new showrunner has already changed the gender of the Doctor and hired a new visual effects crew, and now news is surfacing that he's made even more behind-the-scenes changes in staff with the departures of a couple members of the Doctor Who production team. In addition to those shakeups, Chibnall also nixed the old show logo for a new one, which can be seen below:

The new design is radically different from many of the show's old logos and drops the traditional imagery for a sleek design that vaguely resembles the logos for Firefly or Doctor Strange. It feels fresh, unique, and something Doctor Who has never done before, which is fitting considering the show is stepping into widely uncharted territory with the casting of Jodie Whittaker. If Chris Chibnall's goal is to change so much about the series that some fans forget they're still up in arms over Whittaker's casting, he's certainly doing a great job.

What Chris Chibnall actually appears to be doing is making sure Doctor Who is revamped to entirely fit his vision. As many of Steven Moffat's former colleagues are currently learning, he doesn't share a lot of crossover in vision with the past showrunner. For example, Chibnall recently informed writer for the series Jamie Mathieson that he wouldn't be needing his services for Season 11. Mathieson had written a handful of episodes for the series including "Mummy on the Orient Express" and "Oxygen." Mathieson sounded disappointed in his announcement tweet, although it appears he and Chibnall ended the situation on good terms.

Doctor Who fans who are bummed out by that news will be absolutely crushed by the next person leaving the series. Twitter was first with the news that Murray Gold, who had composed music for the Doctor Who franchise since its return in 2005, was also departuing ahead of Season 11 after contributing to over 100 episodes of the series:

Show logos and writers for Doctor Who come and go, but Murray Gold has been a staple of the franchise since its reboot. Chris Chibnall is making some bold changes to the franchise that will unquestionably have this series looking (and sounding) like an entirely different show by the time Season 11 premieres. Whether that's a good or bad thing remains to be seen, as while many fans were on board with the gender-swapped Doctor, there weren't a lot of complaints about the show's music or the logo. The good news is that if Season 11 is the worst season Doctor Who has ever seen, there have been enough changes to the franchise so far that fans could foreseeably pretend it's something separate that never existed. If it's a success, then as the show's Twitter suggests, a new era of Doctor Who is dawning.

Season 11 of Doctor Who will air on BBC America in the fall of 2018. For some show premieres that can be watched before then, head on over to our midseason premiere guide and our 2018 Netflix premiere guide.