24 May Leave Television For The Movies

As much as Kiefer Sutherland loves playing Jack Bauer on FOX's 24, he has to be getting tired of the grueling shoots each season. Perhaps that's why he's been fighting to transition his adventures into a film franchise. Now, it looks like that may come true. A pitch has hit the desks at Fox Studios that takes Jack to Europe, and they love it.

Variety reports that film writer and director Billy Ray (State of Play, Flightplan) pitched the concept to both the television show's producers, as well as executives at Twentieth Century Fox's film division. Speculation is that this will be the final season of 24 on FOX, despite remaining strong in the ratings.

The press continues speculating that the franchise could continue without Jack Bauer, now talking about possibly replacing him with either this season's Freddie Prinze, Jr., or the Renee Walker character. The problem is that the movie producers would want most of the production staff of the television series to work on the feature film. That and there's uncertainty about fans accepting a show called 24 without Bauer in the lead. Apparently, it's not like your CSI, NCIS and Law & Order shows that can rotate out characters and have twenty-seven spin-offs each.

I think a 24 feature film franchise could do very well, though I wonder if they'd still do it in real time, or if they'd condense a 24-hour period into the length of a feature film. And then present the 24-hour running time extended Blu-Ray director's cut, of course.