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Darlene Sara Gilbert Roseanne ABC

The Roseanne cast and crews' lives have been through quite a ride in the past month. The series went from being a strong favorite to snag its first-ever Best Comedy nomination at the Emmys to canceled with ABC suspending its "For Your Consideration" campaign for the sitcom. Prior to the show's shocking cancellation, Sara Gilbert spoke about the possibility of the show snagging an Emmy, and what an honor it was to even be considered:

We just set out to make a great show, so when you hear people talk about Emmys or accolades, you just feel so grateful and flattered that they are watching and responding to it. I think you can never count on anything, so it's very flattering to me. It seems like this kind of dream.

Sara Gilbert's quote sounds prophetic in hindsight as there's no other way she could've known what was coming weeks down the stretch. After all, the Roseanne revival's ratings ensured a near-instant Season 2 renewal for the sitcom, and while there was no guarantee the series would receive any awards this coming Emmy season, it appeared the show had a good shot. If nothing else, the quote showed that Gilbert had the right mindset going into award season, as ET Online reports Roseanne may be overlooked by the Television Academy when the ballots open for nominations Monday, June 11.

Roseanne could very well miss out on any nominations at this year's Emmys, but it's possible ABC could have Sara Gilbert eligible for an award as early as next year. The current word is the network and Gilbert are talking about a Darlene-centric spinoff that would continue the series through her eyes with guest-starring roles from the cast of the original series (minus Barr). Should that happen and the spinoff recapture the original allure that drew so many to Roseanne in the first place, there's no reason to believe the series couldn't score an Emmy nomination or win.

Sara Gilbert's original quote about Roseanne's Emmy chances is in line with her co-star John Goodman, who recently said he wasn't all that concerned about the sitcom missing out on award season. Goodman, who had seen the series nominated and overlooked several times in the past, didn't think his chances of an Emmy win this year were too strong anyway. Obviously, the two's difference in attitude is evident in the timing between the quotes, although it would seem that neither had their hopes up too high about the show winning any awards to begin with.

The fallout from the Roseanne controversy is still continuing, so stay with CinemaBlend to hear more on what's happening and the potential future of the franchise. For a look at other television shows set to premiere this summer, head on over to our summer premiere guide.