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What The Sharp Objects And Amy Adams Drama Was About, According To The Director

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From what viewers have seen so far, it is probably safe to say that you could cut the tension on HBO's upcoming miniseries Sharp Objects with a knife. So what about the tension behind the scenes of the upcoming crime drama? According to producer Jason Blum, he had to have a meeting with the series' star Amy Adams and its director Jean-Marc Vallée over an alleged issue relating to "creative differences." So what exactly happened between Vallée and Adams? Here is what Vallée had to say:

Yeah, what was that about? I'm glad I don't read the papers. [Laughs.] At the beginning, we just -- I don't know. You should ask him. . . . At the very beginning, there was an issue about scheduling, and I was pushing not only Amy -- I was pushing the production and everyone to push Sharp Objects so I can properly finish Big Little Lies. Maybe the meeting that he refers to was a scheduling thing, because I got pushy. I went to HBO, to Blum, to eOne, to Amy's people, to Amy: 'Let's push! Let's push another week, please!' Not even another week. I wanted to push a month or two, and of course that implies a lot of pain, but I was exhausted and I wanted more time to prep. That's probably what he was referring to.

It makes total sense that Jean-Marc Vallée would be overwhelmed. Filming two high profile television shows back-to-back would be enough to cause anyone to feel the pressure of needing more time to prepare. In the same interview with THR where Vallée explains the origin story of where his and Amy Adams' situation came from, Vallée states that he spent "182 days in 20 months" shooting the two HBO series -- Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects.

Talk about jumping out of one intense situation and into another! In the case of Big Little Lies, Jean-Marc Vallée can reflect on a series that would largely be considered worth the stress. The limited series was a smash hit with critics and viewers alike, and its popularity has led to an originally unplanned second season that now boasts Meryl Streep among its new cast members. Vallée is not returning to helm Season 2. For its part, Sharp Objects should remain a single season endeavor. Albeit the same was said regarding Big Little Lies.

With only a little time left before the launch of Sharp Objects, Jean-Marc Vallée is about to learn if his hard work on the miniseries adaption of Gillian Flynn's novel will meet with similar outward success. Given how long it has taken to get Sharp Objects on-screen, it stands to reason that many were not excited about the idea of pushing back production on the project. So what happened to Vallée's bid to buy the production more time before beginning? Were his efforts successful? Vallée answered, saying:

Not at all! Not at all! [Laughs.] I miserably failed, and they were all against me. I had to go to an intense therapy of calm and quiet to find myself and find peace. There's a saying my mom used to say: 'Let go, and let God.' So, I said to myself, 'Just let it go, man. Just let it go. Everything's gonna be fine. Just fucking do it. Everybody's ready. Stop pushing. You're gonna be fine.'

The anticipation surrounding Sharp Objects has only been heightened further thanks to its trailers giving prospective viewers evocative looks at the dark drama. It seems like Jean-Marc Vallée's work is about to pay off. He directs every episode of the eight-episode series. Sharp Objects centers on Amy Adams' Camille, a reporter who returns home to cover a developing murder mystery gripping her small town. The series marks the first television adaptation of one of Gillian Flynn's novels.

See how Jean-Marc Vallée and Amy Adams' collaboration pays off when Sharp Objects premieres Sunday, July 8 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. For new upcoming and returning television shows you can watch while staying cool, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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