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Madison Kim Dickens Fear The Walking Dead AMC

Fear the Walking Dead's Madison Clark has technically been gone for a bulk of Season 4, and now that she's officially "gone," showrunner Andrew Chambliss confirmed the back half of episodes will go into how her death affects the show's other characters. Specifically, Chambliss said there's going to be a focus on Alicia, and her coping with being the only surviving member of her family:

She's realizing that she is on her own and is figuring out how she can keep the memory of both Madison and Nick alive. And a big part of what she's going to be asking herself is whether she can fill Madison's shoes and how that's possible for her moving forward.

Alicia will not only be dealing with the loss of her mother, but also the fact that there's a big leadership void in the group. Andrew Chambliss teased Alicia will wrestle with whether or not she's capable of stepping into her mother's shoes, or instead falter and instead find herself incapable of getting over the loss of Madison and Nick. It's not all grim, however, as while Alicia is the sole survivor of her family, she's still got Luciana and other friends to help her push on through Fear the Walking Dead.

Unfortunately, Alicia's friends seem to be just as clueless on what to do post-revenge as she is. Andrew Chambliss heavily teased to EW that Madison's ideals and her legacy will certainly be in the minds of Fear the Walking Dead's other cast members as well, and that the last half of Season 4 will try to show the team working towards finding their new normal now that the baseball stadium incident is behind them:

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We're going to find each of them in a different place, but they're all going to be kind of grappling with the same fundamental question. They spent so much of their time on this revenge quest and it was the thing that united the three of them, but now without that, it's really kind of asking the question of how they relate to each other. . . . They are coming to terms with the fact that their revenge mission meant that they, for a time, forgot what Madison died for --- the thing she believed in and the hope she tried to keep alive. Those three characters are trying to figure out how they can move forward and how they can keep Madison's ideals alive when they kind of forgot them for so long.

Alicia, Luciana, and Strand will have eight episodes left in Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 to figure out whether starting a community or surviving alone is the path they'll follow. One would speculate the group will honor Madison's sacrifice and want to start a community as opposed to survival at any cost, but who knows what could happen in this final stretch of episodes?

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC to finish out Season 4 Sunday, August 12 at 9:00 p.m. ET. For a list of shows that will be premiering before and after the show's midseason return, head on over to our handy summer premiere guide. For more on Fear the Walking Dead, be sure to read up on who will be stepping in for Chris Hardwick during the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con.