Fear The Walking Dead Trailer Teaser Will Get You Hyped For The New Show

It was a good thing Robert Kirkman and AMC finally announced the official title for the upcoming companion series for The Walking Dead. Otherwise, people might have seen this bare bones teaser and had no idea what they were dealing with. (Not that Fear the Walking Dead is a name that inspires confusion.) Check the teaser out below.

Fear the Walking Dead initially takes place in the days before The Walking Dead originally kicked off, meaning it'll start off as a prequel series. And that's exactly what this teaser conveys, as it uses a Los Angeles radio broadcast to warn citizens in a sunshiny manner that there is some kind of an outbreak happening, as five states have reported weird viruses. Little do they know that it's going to be one of the worst outbreaks the world has ever known. There's just no vaccination for this kind of thing.

It's a pretty exciting concept that we'll get to see how the world handles the zombie plague as it's happening, instead of seeing how everyone comes to grips with the aftermath. Granted, it runs the risk of looking just like every other outbreak thriller that's come before it, although Contagion didn't have Greg Nicotero's amazing special effects team.

By giving viewers the apocalypse as it's happening, it opens up a new line of drama that The Walking Dead fans don't get to see all that often, although the current storyline in Alexandria is as close as the show's characters have ever come to stability. If that's what you want to call stability. Watching Los Angeles crumble beneath a fear-soaked massacre will be intriguing from both a horror perspective and from a pop culture perspective. Walkers need to take down the Hollywood sign or GTFO.

We unfortunately didn't get to see any actual characters in the teaser, which aired during tonight's extended Season 5 finale of The Walking Dead. Unless maybe that one shambling guy is supposed to be a major player. The show has a talented cast at its disposal, so it would have been nice to see them in action.

Kim Dickens will play a teacher named Nancy Tompkins who has two kids: Nick (Frank Dillane), a problematic teen who can't be trusted to survive alone, and Ashley (Alycia Debnam Carey), an ambitiously rebellious teen with a good head on her shoulders and an urge to flee from her mother's presence. Then there's guidance counselor Sean Cabrera, who will be played by Cliff Curtis. He'll reportedly have a son named Cody, who has anger management problems.

Earlier this month, AMC put in an order for two seasons of Fear the Walking Dead, the first of which will get six episodes. There's no premiere date set in stone just yet, but we can expect to see some fresh-looking zombies making the world a better place at some point this summer.

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