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If you're a Doctor Who fan, it's always difficult to withstand the wait between seasons, especially when there have been major casting changes like the ones that are in store for us in the upcoming season. While we've already been treated to a teaser that showed bits of the new characters in action and new Doctor Jodie Whittaker, the long-running sci-fi series has just shown off some new photos of Season 11, and we've gotten a better look at the new cast.

In the first of the three shots, which come to us courtesy of the Doctor Who Twitter page, Thirteen is working on some detail-oriented fiddly business involving what appears to be some kind of electronic device, as her new friends look on in concern. These are brand, spanking new Season 11 cast members Tosin Cole, Bradley Walsh and Mandip Gill, who will be playing Ryan, Graham and Yasmin, respectively. There's quite a golden glow coming from The Doctor's work, and I think that might actually mean that she's using her brand new sonic screwdriver, but we'll have to wait for the episode to be sure on that point.

Next up, we have a shot of everyone in a wooded area looking behind them, and, I have to say, they do not look happy. We all know how bad things like to follow The Doctor and her companions, so, while no one looks like they're about to run for their lives, there's a good chance that something not so cool has found the group. It's quite unusual, in the modern run of Doctor Who, to have a Doctor with more than one regular companion, but since the characters of Ryan, Graham and Yasmin are all listed as regulars, it seems like Season 11 is well-prepared to break the mold in that respect.

Actually, it sounds like fans should look forward to a soft reboot of Doctor Who in Season 11, as word from the Doctor Who San Diego Comic-Con press event revealed that the new season is looking to break the mold in several ways that will certainly get folks talking, it not outright excited at the changes.

The last photo from Season 11 that was shown features quite a familiar sight, but it's not where the new companions are that's familiar, so much as it is the expressions on the trio's faces. There can be no Doctor Who companion who survives travels with The Doctor and doesn't, at least once, find themselves completely confused by something that's happening before their very eyes. The looks on Yasmin, Graham and Ryan's faces make this shot a quintessential Doctor Who photo in my book. What could they be looking at? No one knows yet, but I bet it's good and freaky!

The answer to that question, and many more, will be revealed when Doctor Who debuts Season 11 simultaneously in the U.K. and on BBC America this fall.