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Sylvester Stallone Is Trying To Bring Cobra Back As A Streaming TV Series

Sylvester Stallone Cobra

Sylvester Stallone isn't afraid to revive beloved characters from his younger years, although typically he's reserved these comebacks for theaters. Now it appears he's wanting to bring back another popular character from back in the day, although this time it'll be for television. Stallone mentioned during a Q&A at Cannes, while explaining the concept of Cobra, that there's an idea to develop that film into its very own streaming series.

That [conceit] was what if Bruce Springsteen had a gun? That was rock n’ roll meets drama. That should have been another franchise because that character was so cool. And I blew it. My personal life got in the way. But we’re trying to bring it back as a streaming TV series. Bring out the zombie squad. I’m long gone, but the idea is really good.

So the idea is to bring Cobra back, but despite the great shape the actor is still in, the plan isn't to have Sylvester Stallone reprise his role as "Cobra." Stallone didn't share any ideas on the potential series with those at Cannes (via Deadline), but one could speculate the idea has something to do with picking things up with Marion "Cobra" Cobretti after the events of the original movie?

Based on the quote, it's also entirely possible the potential series sidesteps Cobretti completely and instead focuses on the elite force he was a part of -- the "zombie squad." If these other members are anything like "Cobra," they're more than equipped to handle the most difficult of situations a police officer may face, although their methods are far from the "by the book standard." Basically, they're loose cannon cops who don't play by the rules.

With Cobretti's departure at the end of the movie, a show could pick up some time after Cobra's ending with another member or two of the zombie squad. Whether that's a couple months and the series is still set in the '80s, or we're following this group in the modern day ala something like Creed, we can only speculate. Hopefully it's the former, as the streaming world could really use an over-the-top '80s cop drama.

As for what kept Sylvester Stallone from turning Cobra into a franchise sooner, the actor stated his personal life got in the way of future sequels getting made. Cobra was released in the midst of his marriage with movie actress Brigitte Nielsen, who co-starred with Stallone in the movie and was also featured in Rocky IV. The couple's marriage ended the following year, which could be what Stallone was referring to.

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For the moment, it seems like a Cobra television series could happen, but the how, when, and who hasn't been figured out as of yet. CinemaBlend will keep an eye out on any details regarding that going forward, and continue to be one of the internet's premiere sources for movies and television.

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