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Dwight Fear The Walking Dead AMC

Fear The Walking Dead is bringing The Walking Dead's Dwight back into the show's universe, and with his arrival viewers have something else to look forward to in Season 5. Showrunner Ian Goldberg revealed that Dwight's arrival is going to bring some additional information on another character fans remember, Sherry.

Last time we saw him, Daryl saved his life and told him to find Sherry and make it right, and he’s been trying to do that. We’re gonna see where that journey has taken to him. … We will also find out some new information about Sherry that we didn’t know before.

So there's some new information on Sherry on the horizon, and one would assume it is in some way tied to Dwight. Whether it was some additional background information on their lives prior to where Fear The Walking Dead finds him or an update on what's going on with her now is unknown. Really the only thing we know for sure is that this upcoming arc will be nothing like Dwight's story in the comics, so be ready for anything.

For any optimists looking for good news, Ian Goldberg implied to Us Weekly that Dwight is largely done with being on the wrong side of things. Daryl gave him a chance to find redemption, and it appears Fear The Walking Dead will give him a chance to do exactly that.

Like everyone in our group, he has done things in his past that he regrets. He’s someone who’s looking for redemption; he was given a shot at redemption at the end of Season 8. I think that’s something that unites everyone – from Morgan to Alicia to Strand, John Dorie, June, all the way down the line. Every single person in our group is not a saint. They all recognize that they’ve done things that they’re not proud of in their past and the way that they’ve chosen to get that redemption is to be altruistic, to go out and help people, sort of reversing their karma.

The opening minutes of Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 confirm that the group is in a helpful mood, as Alicia is seen coming to the rescue of two younger children on the run from some walkers. The group of undead is attracted by a downed plane, or rather the noise from the explosion upon impact. Those children seen in the premiere (Dylan, Max, and Annie) are struggling with their own issues as well, so it's really a season of struggles.

What new information will viewers learn about Sherry? Will Dwight find redemption? Will the core characters be successful in making the world a better place? What about those kids? All these answers and more start with Fear The Walking Dead's Season 5 premiere, which airs tonight on AMC Sunday, June 2 at 9:00 p.m. ET.