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A Fox Competition Show Has Never Won An Emmy: Could The Masked Singer Change That?

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Fox has had a ton of reality competition shows over the years, some of which have been very successful. Despite that, the network has never won the Emmy for Best Competition Program, but that could change in the coming year. So why are some thinking the network has a better chance this year than in years past? Three words, The Masked Singer.

Yes, the bizarre mystery singing show The Masked Singer was an unexpected sensation for Fox, and now could get the network an Emmy for Best Competition Program after close to a decade and a half of attempts. As for what it brings to the table compared to other potential nominees, The Masked Singer's bizarre premise and mystery element just might be enough to take home the award.

That's not all The Masked Singer has going for it, however, as big ratings and audiences doing some hardcore sleuthing to figure out the identities of Season 1's mystery competitors helped this popular series become a pop culture sensation. There's also the entertaining panelists and guest panelists the show brings on, which helps elevate this already entertaining program into an even bigger spectacle than it already is.

The Masked Singer taking home the Emmy would be big for Fox, which has submitted for the category several times with American Idol (submitted 2003-2011) and So You Think You Can Dance (submitted 2011-2015) in the past. The award category has had some shows dominate the competition since its creation, most notably The Amazing Race and The Voice which have won 10 and 4 times respectively.

Two shows have thwarted those series' dominance to date, Top Chef and RuPaul's Drag Race. The latter was 2018's winner of the award and is heavily favored by the panel of Emmy Experts GoldDerby consulted. RuPaul's Drag Race toppled all previous winners in last year's competition, and the tendency for winners to repeat may be why so many feel so strongly about its chances of winning.

As is the case though with most reality competitions, this is really anyone's game, and it's hard to think The Masked Singer doesn't have a solid chance with the way it exploded onto the scene. And if things don't work out this year, one has to think Fox will try again the following year after teasing (and showing) an even crazier Season 2. Let's just hope Fox does a better job at making things more of a mystery this time around.

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Will The Masked Singer take home an Emmy? It has to be nominated first. The 2019 Emmy Award nominations will be announced this Tuesday, July 16. In the meantime be sure to stick with CinemaBlend to stay up to date on all things related to television and movie news.

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