Doctor Who Season 12: Everything We Just Learned About The 2020 Return

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Doctor Who fans haven't seen a new episode of the BBC America series since January, but the wait for Season 12 is almost over. As was expected, the upcoming season still isn't going to arrive until 2020, but there is some good news. Fans were treated this weekend to a new trailer that is jam-packed with exciting footage, and a press release from BBC that has promised a release date of "early 2020."

Remember last year when Season 11 waited all the way until its special before it revealed a familiar enemy from past seasons? Well, this trailer already confirmed a few more familiar faces compared to last season, and eagle-eyed viewers will spot a couple of those past enemies up to no good in this first look at Season 12.

Doctor Who is doing a spy episode that looks to be an homage to James Bond, and all is right with the world. Beyond that, there's the typical mix of adventures taking place in the past, present, and in space as Doctor, Graham, Yasmin, and Ryan set out again in the TARDIS to protect the world. This trailer appears to be particularly action-heavy, which could tease this season will be more fast-paced than Season 11.

As far as enemies are concerned, the trailer shows a quick shot of a masked Judoon in the mix and a Cyberman who will make an appearance as well. Familiar enemies still seem to be in the minority though in this trailer, which primarily features a solid number of new enemies. The good news is they all look interesting, so perhaps audiences will be more receptive of these newcomers should they become as iconic as the Daleks or Weeping Angels.

Aliens aside, Doctor Who fans may have noticed a handful of familiar humans, and yes, Season 12 will continue the show's tradition of guest stars. So far this season has confirmed the appearance of Stephen Fry, Lenny Henry, Goran Višnjic, and Robert Gleneister. For Gleneister, this will be the second time he's appeared on Doctor Who, with his first appearance having happened way back in 1984.

As previously mentioned, Doctor Who Season 12 kicks off in early 2020 (via BBC). Fans have been hoping for a concrete release date, but as of yet have been left high and dry on when exactly to expect Jodie Whittaker's Doctor to return. There's been some speculation that Doctor Who will run another New Year's Day special in 2020, which will mark the official beginning of Season 12. No word from BBC America on that yet, so we'll just have to wait and see.

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Doctor Who returns to television in early 2020 on BBC America. Stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for more on the upcoming season and for a look at what else is happening with television and movies throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

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