When Will We Learn The Blacklist's 2020 Return Date For Season 7?

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The Blacklist has not aired a new episode since last year, but that is going to change in the near-ish future. When the crime thriller signed off with that thrilling midseason finale, it announced that it would be back the following March. Unfortunately, that nebulous window has yet to be officially narrowed down, so when are we going to learn something new?

Considering March isn't so far off, surely NBC will offer up some concrete information about The Blacklist's Season 7 release soon. We can probably assume that the twisty drama won't end its months-long break right when March begins, since that would give fans less than three weeks to get fully prepared for Red and Liz's returns.

We can only assume that someone as devious and calculating as Red Reddington would be responsible for keeping The Blacklist's premiere date away from the show's loyal fanbase. He's basically rubbing it in all our faces in one of the show's most recent tweets.

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We are pumped to see what star Amir Arison is "absolutely loving" about the back half of Season 7, not to mention how the show will start tying up its loose ends on the way to its final stretch, whenever that may be. We're obviously hoping for many more seasons, considering The Blacklist has been able to maintain solid numbers for NBC in the never-too-dependable Friday primetime slot. I'd think this fan would be pleased with that (as well as knowing when the show will be back).

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The Blacklist will return to NBC in March, so stay tuned to find out exactly when that'll be. You can relive the action and adventure of The Blacklist’s past seasons on Netflix alongside other streaming content arriving in 2020, and check out our Winter and Spring TV schedule for other shows hitting primetime before the crime drama returns.

**A prior version of this story contained a rumored release date; however, the information has not been confirmed and since has been removed. **

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