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As The Tonight Show Hits 1,500 Episodes, Jimmy Fallon Shared A Thankful Message With Fans

Jimmy Fallon excited about having his first full audience since the pandemic began on The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show is a late-night institution after several decades on the air, a number of iconic hosts, and thousands of episodes. Just like Johnny Carson and Jay Leno before him, Jimmy Fallon hit a huge milestone in his tenure. Fallon’s Tonight Show run recently reached its 1,500th episode. To celebrate this amazing occasion, the late-night host shared a thankful message to the show’s fans.

The Tonight Show host decided to hop on Twitter to celebrate this momentous milestone in his tenure on the legendary late-night show. Jimmy Fallon couldn’t help but be grateful to the show’s audience. Fallon told his supportive followers:

Tonight is our 1,500th show. I am so grateful to our Tonight Show family that works so hard every single night to put on the best show and to make me look good. And thank you to everyone who watches. None of us would be here if it wasn’t for all of you. I’m so thankful.

While he was thankful to the fans, Jimmy Fallon took the time to shout out his crew, staff and band for making The Tonight Show run like a tight ship. In a crowded late-night space, viewers are more important now than ever, and Fallon understands that concept. As Fallon mentioned in his message, the show’s success wouldn’t be possible without viewers tuning in weekly. But this wasn’t the first time the late-night host expressed his gratitude to viewers.

Audiences have been a pivotal part of The Tonight Show’s success. Jimmy Fallon was more than appreciative of this when he had his first full audience since the pandemic began. Feeding off the energy is all a part of Fallon’s appeal. His skits and jokes are all about reaching the audience and making them laugh. But Fallon has been used to audience reaction since his Saturday Night Live days. That synergy has been reflected in The Tonight Show’s ratings and Fallon’s nightly monologue.

This occasion marks a high point for the late-night series. Jimmy Fallon has experienced a few difficulties, including Addison Rae’s TikTok dances, some staff departures and the Chris Rock blackface controversy. Fortunately, the late-night host has been able to bounce back from those incidents. So, reaching this moment is a big deal for Fallon and The Tonight Show.

Given the competition between him, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon has managed to carve out his lane. Leaning into audience participation, comedy, and musical skits has set him apart from his counterparts. Of course, it took years for Fallon to cultivate his take on the late-night institution. Hopefully, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon will continue to charm viewers for another 1,500 episodes in the future.

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