While Chasing Mavericks has proved to be a bit of a wash at the box office, apparently, the whole surfing thing is still a pretty hot idea. The TV world, specifically ABC, is investing in a female-oriented surfing project called The Break, which will be written by The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants screenplay writer, Elizabeth Chandler.

The Break will center on a 16-year-old girl who is thrown into the world of competitive surfing in Santa Cruz, CA. According to THR, the drama will center on a troubled teen named Mia Walker, who goes to live with the father she’s never spent time with in the surfing town. The hourlong project will focus on Mia’s interactions with her family, as well as the relationships she maintains with a group of youths living in the town. Assumedly, some actual surfing will come into play in The Break, as well.

Honestly, the youth-oriented pilot sounds far more geared toward ABC family’s schedule, which often features other athletic dramas, including Bunheads and the former gymnastics drama Make it or Break it. However, ABC seems fairly keen on this one, and has given the project a script order. Gary Randall and Tim Bogart are on board to executive produce. If it goes to pilot, the script may be a move to add more family programming to ABC's Friday nights—which are blossoming thanks to Last Man Standing and Malibu Country. Still, I wouldn’t be shocked if this one does move forward on ABC’s sister network.

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