With excitement for the original concept waning, producers of ABC’s Wife Swap have decided to take a cue from the UK’s Big Brother and Donald Trump’s Apprentice, livening the program with a special celebrity season. It may seem like a stock change, in many ways it is, but it’s also a natural progression for a reality show. At first, a new and interesting concept can drive ratings. That was the case when Wife Swap and Trading Spouses premiered, but thanks to both programs overexposing the idea for several years, each was forced to begin casting for drama. Atheists were paired with born again Christians, hunters with vegetarians and so forth. Now we’re onto B-list or lower celebrities.

While these famous face seasons essential amount to the network admitting that the original format is no longer viable, they also typically do give ratings a shot in the arm. The British precursor to Wife Swap formerly did a celebrity season, and it had the intended effect. We’ll see if its spin-off is as big of a hit with American audiences. According to Deadline, producers are currently working to cast six episodes. They’ve yet to officially confirm anyone, but former Saturday Night Live star and born again Christian Victoria Jackson has made it clear she’s been propositioned. Apparently, anti-Glee rants would make good television.

No word yet on when the season might air of if Victoria Jackson will be featured, but we’ll be sure to bring you along those little details when they become available.

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