ABC Family Comedy Series Roommates Premieres In March

I happen to be a pretty big supporter of ABC Family’s original programming. As a fan of Greek and a closet fan of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, I’m always willing to give the network’s new shows a shot. So it should be interesting to see whether the network’s new comedy series Roommates is any good. The show stars Sister, Sister’s Tamera Mowry, Tyler Francavilla, Dorian Brown, Tommy Dewey and David Weidoff.

The simple description for the premise of the series is that it follows a bunch of twenty-somethings who live together in an apartment. ABC Family’s description lays out the premise in a bit more detail, which includes lots of romantic entanglements and the usual hijinx that ensues when single people live together in sitcoms.

Here’s the ABC Family’s description for the premise of the series:

Roommates follows a group of friends in New York City trying to figure out love and life in their post-collegiate years. Loveable but awkward Mark (Francavilla) stumbles upon his dream come true when he runs into his old high-school crush, Katie (Brown), and becomes her new roommate in an attempt to finally win her heart. Unfortunately for Mark, Katie is still in love with her on-again/off-again boyfriend. Further complicating matters, Mark doesn’t hit it off with Katie’s best friend and roommate, Hope (Mowry), a strong willed executive who Mark learns, unbeknownst to her fellow roommates, has lost her job and now secretly works at a coffee shop. The fourth and final apartment mate is James (Dewey), who works in the investment world and takes great pleasure in watching Mark’s feeble attempts to win Katie’s favor. Rounding out the group is Mark’s former roommate and best friend, Thom (Weidoff), a quirky guy who takes an instant liking to Hope.

Based on the promos for the show (below), the series looks like any other formulaic sitcom but it could be worth checking out:

Roommates premieres on Monday, March 23rd (9:00 – 9:30 PM ET/PT) on ABC Family.

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