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ABC's Newest Pilots Star Damon Wayans and Piper Perabo

Every time I log on to the internet, there is another story about one of the Network’s and their exciting new show they are dying to tell everyone about. ABC just released news on yet another set of new shows for the fall. I know they are on top of the world right now, but come on, you already have a bunch of good shows, just let them ride! It is great that some classic comedians and actors are getting yet another shot to have a new show, but this is as redundant as all of the political coverage. I wish the election were already over, and I certainly wish the next season would just start already.

So, not to diminish anyone’s careers, ABC is announcing they’ve got some exciting new shows for the fall, and one features my favorite guy from In Living Color…Damon Wayans. I didn’t love that show where he was a dad, but he and big bro Keenan Ivory are the definitely the funniest of the Wayans Brothers, and it is possible he could score with this one. Hollywood Reporter has the scoop about the plot - “The Marc Buckland-directed "Never Better," from ABC Studios, centers on a guy (Wayans) trying to be a good husband and father despite his somewhat misguided attempts.”

In addition, ABC announced that Piper Perabo will be starring as the ex-girlfriend in a Hamlet remake set in Detroit. “Motor City," from ABC Studios, is a Gothic family soap inspired by William Shakespeare's "Hamlet," which centers on a young Harvard professor forced to return to Detroit and take over the family's auto company.”

Wait a minute. I don’t really wish the current season would end quite yet – Grey’s Anatomy just came back, and LOST isn’t done yet. Oh, and The Office - how could I forget Dwight, Jim and Pam??? All announcements for next season need to wait till this season is done.