Aidan Quinn Is Moving To Detroit

When I think of Aidan Quinn, the first thing that pops into my head are those blue eyes, and I’m not even a blue-eye-kind-of-gal. The next thing is Legends of the Fall. I loved that movie. I do not think of him as being on TV, but if you check him out on you will find, as I did, that he’s appeared on the tube quite a bit.

I’d completely forgotten about the oh-so-controversial Book of Daniel, and I don’t watch Law and Order (any of them), so I didn’t know he’d been on one of them. I like him a great deal, though, so I was excited to see that he’d been added to the cast of ABC’s fall show The Prince of Motor City.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Quinn and Rutger Hauer have both been added to the cast. They are reporting that “Quinn will play Billy's uncle Charlie Hamilton, who always has been in his brother's shadow. Hauer will play Billy's father, William Hamilton, who recently was killed in an accident and begins appearing to his estranged son as a ghost.”

The Prince of Motor City joins ABC’s uber-successful lineup, and will probably be a success. I live about 2 hours from Detroit, and if they draw on some of the local headlines, they’ll have plenty of material to keep the show hopping.

Back in May, I reported that Piper Perabo had been added to the cast of Motor City. The show is a modern take on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.