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Fans of quirky television, take heed: Amazon's Gold Box DVD Deal of the Day is offering up the complete collection of David Lynch's infamous Twin Peaks for a paltry $35.99. That's sixty percent off the list price for 29 episodes spread across 10 discs, including two versions of the original pilot (U.S. and international cuts), deleted scenes, documentaries, and lots more goodies.

For those uninitiated, Twin Peaks centers around the small fictional Washington town of the same name, and how its populace is affected by the murder of high school homecoming queen Laura Palmer. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is sent to investigate the crime, and he finds a town full of eccentrics, dark secrets, and damn good coffee. What at first seems to be a isolated case of violence soon spirals down into the town's true heart of darkness, and then things get weird. (And then season two starts and things get really weird.)

Twin Peaks is one of the defining shows of the medium, and if you still haven't seen it after all these years, now is the time. The first season of the show is a case of lightning in a bottle that shows have been trying to recreate for 20 years, spurred onward by the simple yet addictive question of "Who killed Laura Palmer?" It's up there with "Who Shot J.R.?" in the annals of television mysteries, and thankfully Twin Peaks offers a considerably more satisfying answer. Unfortunately, they offer that answer at the end of season one, but the show doesn't stop then. While season two offers plenty of unforgettable moments and a gut punch of a finale, it never recovers the narrative drive of that first season's core mystery. Still, even mediocre Twin Peaks is unlike anything else you've ever seen on television.

If you loved the show but haven't picked it up, here's an excuse. If you've never seen it, click over to Amazon and prepare to dive into a world by turns hilarious, terrifying, and unbelievably strange. And if you've managed to stay unspoiled about the show's secrets...I envy you. Now for the love of God get off the internet and get your ass to Twin Peaks.