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America's Next Top Model Is Back From The Dead, Get The Details

The past few years have seen numerous TV shows finding new homes after being canceled from their original networks, especially now that streaming services have gotten involved, but those have almost always been for scripted dramas and comedies. The recently ended reality series America’s Next Top Model is the latest exception, as the unscripted fashion-centric show has been resurrected and will return for at least one more season on VH1. Hope you guys didn’t tear up your living room runways already.

Changes will be coming to America’s Next Top Model when it arrives on VH1 in a reinvented state, but most of them have yet to be ironed out, though the pick-up will certainly get those talks going again. One of the only things that’s known for sure is creator Tyra Banks will not be returning as a host, though she’ll still serve as an executive producer while she focuses more on business ventures. So there be a hunt not only for a new host, but also a new panel of judges. I guess it’s possible that any of the oft-changing judges from the show’s past could return, but new faces are likely a part of the revamp.

What else is known is that there will be 14 episodes of America’s Next Top Model to look forward to, which is fewer than the most recent seasons, but it’s right about what viewers are used to seeing. As well, the show will be heading back to New York City, where it began in 2003 on UPN (and later The CW). Other than that, it’s confirmed that E.P. Ken Mok will also be back in the same role.

Interestingly enough (perhaps), the press release from VH1 doesn’t refer to this as Season 23 or any other specific distinction beyond calling it an “historic return.” As well, the network’s General Manager Chris McCarthy apparently feels that VH1 was extremely important for America’s Next Top Model’s success.

This is a homecoming for the series, as VH1 helped catapult the show to cultural icon status as the first cable network to air the show after it launched.

Because everyone knows The Big Bang Theory only got really popular after TBS started airing reruns, right?

Though the final season was heavily promoted, the ratings weren’t all that great. And news of the revamp happened almost immediately, so it’s not like there was any real time to get used to this show not being on the air anymore. But if they figure out a way to change it that keeps audiences watching, then all the power to them.

Since there are still a ton of creative decisions to make for the next season of America’s Next Top Model, VH1 has not yet made any announcements regarding the show’s premiere date. But when they do, we’ll figure out a way to spin it as a multi-function parka to wear in the next photo shoot.

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