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Watch Tyra Banks Reenact The Most Epic America's Next Top Model Moment Ever

While reality competition shows are a dime a dozen, there are a few viral moments that piece the pop culture lexicon and remain iconic for years to come. And for America's Next Top Model, that moment is definitely a scream filled confrontation between host/producer Tyra Banks and a contestant back in 2005's cycle four. Upon eliminating two contestants, Banks wasn't happy with how contestant Tiffany Richardson reacted to the news, and ended up screaming at the contestant, and going viral before we even knew what that word meant. And now she's recreated that iconic moment, with a twist for America's Got Talent.

Tyra Banks recently did a Facebook Live session to promote America's Got Talent and connect with her fans. When one fan asked her to recreate the iconic Tiffany shouting session, Banks obliged. But the twist was changing her own monologue to represent a situation from AGT. Check it out.

It's like I'm back in 2005. And I'm FINALLY being screamed at by Tyra Banks. Dreams do come true.

It looks like Tyra Banks understands how iconic her Top Model freakout was, and even knows what she screamed at poor Tiffany word for word. Now that is owning your brand. And while this recreation wasn't quite as powerful as the original scene, it was fun to see Banks poke fun at herself for completely losing her mind during an early episode of America's Next Top Model.

For those of you who don't remember (shame on you), Tyra Banks and the other hosts of Top Model had a hard time with Tiffany during her tenure on the show. The aspiring model had a defeatist attitude that would often hinder her performance in challenges and deliberations. When she and a fellow contestant were sent home in a shocking double elimination, Tiffany laughed it off and was ready to kick rocks. But Tyra didn't like this attitude, and made her return to the judging spot and get reamed out by the supermodel turned actress/television personality.

As a reminder, check out the fantastic scene below

I mean, how could you not love this?

All jokes aside, this freakout is definitely one of the most iconic moments of reality competition TV ever. Hosts of these types of shows are so often stoic and planned in their interactions with the contestants, but you can't deny that Tyra Banks lost control and went off on Tiffany in this clip. And while Banks went on to throw shade at a few other contestants across the years, this one takes the cake. Now she just needs to stay out of trouble at America's Got Talent, after being slapped with a lawsuit by one of the singers.

America's Got Talent airs weekly on NBC, and Tyra will be returning America's Next Top Model in the upcoming season. In the meantime, check out our summer premiere list and plan your next binge watch.

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