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What made for a successful formula a decade ago simply doesn't cut it anymore; even for a major iconic television show, looks alone won't garner the ratings that they used to. America’s Next Top Model came to an end last night after being cancelled by The CW, but based off of the ratings, it seems that America really wasn’t all that interested anymore.

Friday's ratings indicate that America’s Next Top Model experienced a dip in viewership last night, despite the occasion of it being the final episode ever. When compared with this time last year, the show experienced no less than a 25% dip in overall viewership. However, in the show’s defense last night’s abysmal ending was not a season low in terms of ratings; Deadline reports that dishonor goes to the two episodes airing in the second half of October.

Despite the low performance for America’s Next Top Model, the show’s lead-in Reign has performed at an even (albeit low) rate all season. This would seemingly indicate that while Reign has managed to maintain an audience, people found themselves definitively unwilling to stick around to watch America’s Next Top Model when it came on at 9 p.m.

ANTM isn't the only niche market reality series like this to have been generally faltering in recent months. This summer also saw the cancellation of TBS reality show King of the Nerds. These shows admittedly had decidedly different core audiences, but the same principle still applied that they were reality series centering upon contests between members of fringe groups – models and geeks, respectively.

In general there seems to be an overall shift taking place in the style of reality competition television. As shows like America's Next Top Model and even American Idol cycle out, they haven't been replaced at the same rate with new reality shows. This means that a lot of the competition series we see on TV are dinosaurs at this point, and as ratings falter, we've seen fewer and fewer competition shows on the air.

Still, we can’t help but applaud America’s Next Top Model for ending a stellar run – despite the fact that it limped across the finish line. The show ran for 22 seasons before finally coming to an end. Last night’s finale saw male model Nyle DiMarco win the overall competition, making him the last ever winner for the reality series, as well as the first ever deaf winner. However, perhaps the greatest contribution America’s Next Top Model ever gave to society is the video below of Tyra Banks yelling at a contestant, check it out below.

So now we have come to the end of an era; it may not have gone out with a bang, but America’s Next Top Model has most certainly had an impact on 21st century culture. If you still need to get your fix on the lives of models, you’re just going to have to wait for Zoolander 2 to hit theaters.