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There are plenty of shocking cancellations that occur on TV each and every year, but there are an equal number of cancellations that fans see coming a mile away. America’s Next Top Model was certainly one of the latter when it was cancelled in the middle of October. However, now it looks like the show might hop networks and get a facelift so that a 23rd season can be produced. I guess it ain’t over until the skinny model sings.

So far, the America’s Next Top Model rework is only in the early stages. It’s being pitched to cable networks right now in the hopes that someone will bite. Executive producer Ken Mok is behind the pitch, which actually does have a decent possibility of moving forward. Deadline reports fans have really gotten into watching repeats of the series on channels like VH1, Bravo and Oxygen, not to mention the various streaming services that watch the series. So, it’s probably not the worst reboot anyone has ever pitched, although it’s happening earlier than I would have guessed.

The move has been made with Tyra Banks’ blessing, which makes sense because America’s Next Top Model has always pretty much been her baby from the very beginning. When the cancellation was announced, Banks called it “time” for the series to end, so I’m guessing she won’t have any involvement, except for an executive producing credit if it moves forward. Then again, the former model and talk show host has always been a little unpredictable, so maybe she’s ready to jump on board if a reboot actually does end up happening.

Obviously, we are past the days when America’s Next Top Model is a good fit for network TV. The series has not been commanding the ratings it used to bring in and the CW had to shuffle the show to Friday nights to even make it work at a regular network (a .3 rating is nothing to brag about). While the CW doesn’t have the budget requirements or other needs of a big network, it still must have an avid fanbase to be viable. Perhaps a cable network could make a cheap version of the show work. That seems to be the plan, at least.

We’ll let you know if America’s Next Top Model ends up coming back from the grave after it airs its final episode. That’s right, even though the show has been officially cancelled, it is currently finishing out its run on the CW. The Season 22 finale will air on December 4 at 9 p.m. ET. Here’s what else TV has coming up.