Since Angus T. Jones made headlines on Monday for a religious testimony video in which he trashed the show he stars in, we’ve been waiting to see what the response might be from the producers on Two and a Half Men. After all, they have already fired one star from the series for making controversial remarks. There has also been the question of whether Jones even wants to continue on the show; but reports today say he does plan to stick around.

According to THR, Jones does plan to honor his contract and finish out the tenth season on the show. The 19-year-old actor signed a one-year deal last year for Season 10, and plans to move on and go to college after the contract is up. But after he trashed the show, calling it filth and stating that as a “God-fearing person” he couldn’t be a part of it, it looked like his exit could be imminent. Jones then turned around and apologized to the cast and crew of the show, apparently under the guidance of his publicist.

There still has been no official response from showrunner Chuck Lorre or anyone else at the show, although the word is that Lorre is furious. The show could be well within its rights to fire Jones for breaching his contract by badmouthing the series, and certainly they didn’t hesitate to do so when Charlie Sheen had his meltdown last year. But Jones is young, and because his words expressed a religious belief there could be a backlash to firing him for them, putting the show’s producers in an awkward position.

The fact that Jones isn’t expected to be back on the set until after the midseason break buys some time to make a decision. I suspect they will use that time and we won’t have an answer right away. But with Jones willing to continue in spite of his expressed dislike for the show, it might be the best move to just let him finish out the contract and move on.

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