Having Anna Kendrick sing during her hosting stint on Saturday Night Live seems like it'd be a no-brainer. Not only is the Pitch Perfect actress very funny, but she's also demonstrated her musical abilities on more than one occasion. With Into the Woods among her upcoming credits, Saturday Night Live seemed to target Disney in particular in its efforts to show off their host's vocal chops. That includes a Little Mermaid parody, which has this Ariel using pop songs to demonstrate her voice to the sinister sea witch Ursula.

Via HitFix, the above Saturday Night Live sketch has Kendrick playing Ariel, a young mermaid hoping to get some legs so she can go live happily ever after with Prince Eric. But instead of a simple demonstration of her voice, she decides to sing Kesha and Britney Spears songs. Because what better way to show off your voice than by squeaking through "We R Who We R."

Also among the musical moments in the episode was Kendrick's opening monologue, which parodied Beauty and the Beast's opening song, "Belle." NBC hasn't put that one online, but they did put the Dong sketch up...

"Dongs all over the World" doesn't really fit the mentioned Disney theme, I guess.

As for the other highlights from the episode, Game of Thrones' anticipated return was acknowledged with an appearance by "George R.R. Martin" during Weekend Update:

And going back to the musical theme, musical guest's Pharrell Williams performed "Marilyn Monroe" while accompanied by an impressive (and female!) string section, conducted by Hans Zimmer. Awesome.

Or you can watch the full episode below:

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