After yesterday’s news that James Callis was set to join fellow Battlestar Galactica star Jamie Bamber in Ron Moore’s new NBC pilot, I wondered if anyone else from the excellent Syfy series would signs on for 17th Precinct. As it turns out, good things come in three’s… or Sixes, as it were.

TV Line posted the news today, stating that Tricia Helfer, who played Six (Cylon #6) in Battlestar Galactica has signed on Ron Moore’s NBC pilot 17th Precinct. The series follows a police precinct in Excelsior, a fictional town where magical and supernatural things take place. Helfer has been cast to play Morgana, a “necromancer,” which is apparently the magical equivalent to a coroner. Among her areas of expertise are potion-making, tool skills, herbs and spells.

Helfer’s kept busy since Battlestar Galactica, appearing in Human Target, Dark Blue and most recently, No Ordinary Family. She has a knack for playing confident, well spoken characters. This new role sounds pretty witchy and fairly dark. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of person Morgana is and how she fits into the story if the show goes to series. (At this point, it just frakkin' has to!)

Is Helfer the last former BSG star to join Moore’s pilot or is this series going to be an all out Galacticafest?

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