Nope. Not this week either. It's still going to be another seven days before Arrow is back on The CW's Wednesday night schedule but the network has at least released a few more looks at the highly anticipated return. After "Year's End" left Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen injured and on the brink of a hiatus, "Burned" brings a fiery villain to Starling City that his vigilante alter-ego just can't ignore.

Actually, Arrow is content to sit back and recuperate, the dude did take a handful of arrows to the chest courtesy of Mr. Malcolm Merlyn, but when Katie Cassidy's Single Female Lawyer Laurel Lance is the one asking for help, well, what's a few flesh wounds? Oh, and speaking of the fiery villain, the promo for "Burned" keeps Andrew Dunbar's Garfield Lynns (aka Firefly) shrouded in mystery but the new images from the network showcase the "Burned" baddie. Take a look...

What do you think of the pyro-centric photos from the first episode back? Arrow looks pretty bad ass lurking in the flames in order to take down Lynns, who in this adaptation is a 'disgraced and disfigured firefighter.' My money is on Ollie. It's also great to see that the series is returning to the island for more flashbacks and I wonder if him fanning the flames is a connection to the present beyond the thematic. You know, like a plot or character connection. Arrow returns with Episode 11, “Trust But Verify,” on Wednesday, January 16 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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