It was nice to see Arrow rebound after last week's less than stellar episode. "Sara" contained some of the worst action of the series' run so far, not to mention more than its fair share of stilted-sentimentality. The CW superhero show has never really nailed the emotional moments but stunning action set-pieces almost always outweigh the heavy-handed drama. Case in point, “Corto Maltese.” The action packed third episode featured a few solid storylines as well as a ton of fun references to the DCU.

Bringing Up Speedy
Fans got their first glimpse of the ‘new Thea’ at the end of last week's episode but Corto Maltese opens with a flashback to the girl we knew climbing into the limo six months ago. Fed up with all the secrets and lies, Speedy decided to take a little time away from Starling City and, well, she looks great. The time spent with her father/teacher on the island has been good to her although certainly not easy. What's with the Queen kids and getting trained by harsh mentors on islands? Malcolm stops taking it easy on his daughter right after burning her hand with boiling water, a ritual I initially thought would include a hallucinogen. She is getting the full League of Assassins treatment after all. That's who Malcolm was spending his days with during his time in Nanda Parbat. He at least Good Will Hunting’s her before punching her in the face. Did you notice that while staying in Corto Maltese the young Queen/Merlyn has been going by the name Mia? I can't wait to see where her character is headed. Not literally. She’s at the airport. Headed to Starling.

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