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Arrow Season 3 was a depressing year for all of the show’s main characters, but it was particularly rough for Felicity Smoak. It seemed like the normally funny computer whiz spent more time crying or worrying about Oliver Queen than she did cracking her trademark quips. Fortunately, now that Ra’s al Ghul’s scheme has been foiled and Arrow won’t be as dark for the foreseeable future, fans can look forward to Felicity going back to her humorous ways when Season 4 kicks off.

Back in August, executive producer Marc Guggenheim acknowledged that Felicity didn’t get to be as funny during Season 3, but when recently speaking with TV Line, he assured viewers that funny Felicity is “back with a vengeance” this season, with actress Emily Bett Rickards being at the “top of her game.” Guggenheim said:
She's hysterical. We're definitely writing jokes for her, but she's also finding humor in lines that weren't intentionally humorous.

When Felicity was introduced in Arrow Season 1, her offhanded jokes and awkward personality struck the right chord with viewers, with her lightheartedness offering a welcome balance to the show’s largely dark tone. It was these distinct characteristics that led to her being upgraded to the main cast in Season 2. However, as Season 3 got darker, Felicity didn’t have as many opportunities to showcase this side of herself as conflict and tragedy continually pummeled Team Arrow. Ironically, she felt more like herself when she was guest-starring on The Flash. A return to her fun personality in Arrow Season 4 will no doubt be welcomed by longtime viewers, and it comes right as her boyfriend Oliver will also adopt a lighter outlook when he transitions into his new superhero identity.

Although the Season 3 finale ended with Felicity and Oliver leaving crimefighting behind and riding off into the sunset, the couple will have to leave their suburban life when Damien Dark and H.I.V.E. start troubling Star City. While Oliver is out in the field as the Green Arrow, Felicity will be getting used to serving as Palmer Technologies’ new CEO. So when she’s not helping Team Arrow, she’ll be spending her time managing her ex-boyfriend’s company and working alongside Curtis Holt, a.k.a. the future Mr. Terrific (played by Echo Kellum). Season 4 will also see Charlotte Ross returning as Felicity’s mom Donna for multiple episodes, but Guggenheim acknowledged it will be a while until the show explores her mysterious father, so daddy issues won’t be getting in the way of Felicity’s new life chapter…at least not right away.

Arrow Season 4 premieres this Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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