"... no one can know my secret."

After a week off fighting crime, Arrow returned with a vengeance last night with "Muse of Fire." The CW's superhero series is having a great first season run so far, producing exciting episode after exciting episode, even if it did have a bit of a misstep last time out with "Legacies." That's not to say the installment from two weeks ago was all bad, there were several really great stretches that had Oliver and Diggle squaring off against the Royal Flush Gang (at least, this show's incarnation of the DC villains), however, the moments away from our heroes, and there were many, fell a little flat. Sure, the world of Starling City has to be built beyond just the few crime fighters but Arrow is still looking for the right handle on some of the supporting characters so time spent with them can seem wasted. Or at least make you wish you were back in the main storyline of Oliver's investigation. This week, "Muse of Fire," is not only the series' first two-parter but also does a great job using our hero to expand the world as well as an interesting reveal to bring extraneous threads back into the fold.

"Maybe you should spend a little less time trying to be a hero. You're obviously not very good at it."

"Muse of Fire" opens with Ollie cruising around Starling City on his bike when he gets a phone call from Thea, his nagging sister, reminding him to meet mom for lunch. He arrives just in time to see another motorcyclist hop up on the curb and take a few shots at Moira. The assailant 'misses' and instead kills the man she's talking to but not before suffering a mean concussion. Instead of staying with Moira, Ollie takes off after the helmeted assassin and Stephen Amell once again shows how believable he is when it comes to the role's physicality. He looks fast. Not Tom Cruise fast, really fast. But still, he's unable to nab the killer and receives his fair share of shit about it from little sister. I guess you stay with knocked down mom but getting the license plate seems like a decent second choice, especially since it could save her from future attempts. Except, well, the Detectives (Dad's back!) are quick to inform him that she wasn't the target. It turns out the hit was a success and the man she was talking to has mob ties. Vague mob ties! But before Ollie can fill Dig in or investigate further, we first have to catch up with Tommy and Laurel.

"When I find out who this guy is, he's a dead man."

The scenes between the best friend and the former flame would be a little more interesting if there was some actual progression but it feels like the relationship has been in the same push-pull gear since we first met the characters. It doesn't help that Katie Cassidy is still stiff as a board. I think she thinks that posture and delivery makes her seem more professional but instead it comes across as a woman who doesn't know how to carry herself. Literally. Our female guest star, however, does a great job in her brief amount of time on screen. Jessica De Gouw as Helena Bertinalli aka Huntress brings the physicality and fire needed for the character and I can actual feel some chemistry between the heroes. Right after Ollie vows to not just apprehend but murder the new vigilante, her identity is revealed to us as is her big board. She's got a mission! And so does Ollie, obviously, but that first entails convincing his little sister to skip clubbing and stay home with mom. Thea accepts, probably so she has another reason to bitch but their mom is much more forgiving when it comes to Oliver's secrets. I wonder why.

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