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When Ashton Kutcher signed on to CBS’ Two and a Half Men last May as a replacement for Charlie Sheen, no one knew whether he could pull the gig off. He was young, his character seemed totally different than Sheen’s, and executives and audiences alike were unsure - no matter how much energy Kutcher put in - whether the new formula would work.

When he joined Two and a Half Men, Kutcher only signed a one year contract. However, now that ratings are up 20% in viewers from what Two and a Half Men was posting in Sheen’s last season, CBS would be happy to add a few years to Kutcher’s tenure. The real question is, does Kutcher happen to be interested?

According to the Deseret News, at a TCA panel today, Kutcher spoke out about wanting to continue with Two and a Half Men after this season ends. Although, he is doing some movies over the summer, he says he considers the work “a hiatus.”
"I've had a blast. Since I stopped doing 'That '70s Show' I've always wanted to go back and do television."

So, another season seems in the bag, right? Not so much. Per Deseret, CBS would have one heck a deal to strike if they want the show to continue. It would not just be Kutcher’s contract that needs revamping. The entire cast and crew would need a contractual reboot. Regardless, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler is not to be discouraged.
"In spirit and intent, everybody is very motivated."

While I will say spirit and intent is not always enough to keep a show on air, at least Kutcher and everyone seems to be motivated to stay on board. I’m betting we see Two and a Half Men in the lists next year, as long as CBS can afford it. It’s a good thing, to, because I’d hate to see what gruesome, strange deaths the show could very well end the series with.

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