As you may have heard already, NBC has pulled the plug on their freshman drama series Awake. Or rather, the proverbial plug will more officially be pulled after tomorrow night's finale airs. With no pick-up for next season, tomorrow night's episode will close the book on the story, for better or worse, which is disappointing, considering it was one of the network's more promising new series this season.

When last week's episode left off, Michael was locked up and his fate rested in the hands of Bird, who's set to search a storage facility (assuming Harper really let's that happen), while Michael was sent to a holding cell. This promo shows us a new twist in Michael's situation when he comes face to face with a familiar… face.

The promo above doesn't specify "series finale," only referring to it as a "finale," but given that we know NBC hasn't renewed it, let's call it what it is. Is it too much to hope that some other network will swoop in and rescue Michael (and both of his realities) by putting Awake somewhere else for Season 2? I feel like we would have heard something if that were the case, so it may be too optimistic to hope for that. so enjoy what's left of Awake tomorrow night and let's hope the finale offers a fair amount of closure on the story.

Awake airs Thursday at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

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