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BSG's Face Of The Enemy Webisodes 6 And 7

I just spent the last fifteen minutes or so getting caught up on the Battlestar Galactica webseries “The Face of the Enemy.” It looks like things are getting really bad aboard that Raptor. Hopefully Gaeta’s latest love interest will come to his rescue soon. We’ve got the 6th and 7th webisode from the series posted here for you to check out if you’re a bit behind.

So far most of what we’ve seen in the webseries has been pretty predictable but the real jawdropper comes in the eighth installment.

We don’t have the 8th webisode to host here at CB just yet but we’ll post it if/when we do get in. In the meantime, it’s available on Hulu:

Two more webisodes to go!

Kelly West
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