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Bering Sea Gold Season 2 Video: Newbies And Weight Belts

A few years back, Discovery hit a ratings jackpot with Gold Rush, a series which took a look at some gold miners in Alaska hoping to find some precious nuggets. That series took off, and a couple of years ago, The Discovery Channel introduced Bering Sea Gold, another series that takes a look at people working to find some gold, this time underwater. Bering Sea Gold returns to the schedule on January 4, with some brand new drama underway.

An executive producer on the series, Thom Beers, interviews Zeke Tenhoff, the captain of The Edge in the clip. The two discuss what’s been happening since we last saw the different groups of gold hunters, as well as what motivates the newbies to join up with a crew. Tenhoff says you have to be able to stick through the tough times to hit the good times, but it’s the ones who stick around that become meaningful employees. The clip also shows one of “the crazy ones,” a newbie who has just joined a crew and has more than a small freak out when he determines the ship he is on does not have all of the devices needed to undergo a proper gold hunt.

Some of the boats have added improvements, and as the clip above shows, some of the crews are a little underprepared. Still, if you like watching people hunt and strive for gold from the comfort of your own home, this may be one to watch. Bering Sea Gold will return to the schedule on Friday, January 4 at 10 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden

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