Mike Rowe Reveals Why Dirty Jobs Is Making A Comeback

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Fans of the reality show Dirty Jobs were not happy at all when the show was cancelled, so they should have their spirits brightened by the fact that it's now coming back for a short stint with Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip, in July. While it won't be the same as a full season, make no mistake that host Mike Rowe is also glad to see the series return to television, and he's just revealed why Dirty Jobs is making a comeback.

Dirty Jobs followed Mike Rowe as he came on as an assistant and tried to work some of the most difficult, disgusting and / or dangerous jobs in the country. As he worked these jobs, it brought to light what it takes to keep many aspects of the country running smoothly, and put the focus on the people who made their living doing things like disposing of biohazardous medical waste, working at water treatment plants, cleaning fish grinders and paving roads. Here's what Rowe had to say about why Dirty Jobs is returning to the airwaves now:

Dirty Jobs Forrest Gumped it's way on the air in 2004 and changed my life forever. What began as a simple tribute to my grandfather, has evolved into the granddaddy of ‘essential work’ programming, and I'm humbled everyday by the number of people who continue to watch. Personally, I've missed the camaraderie more than anything else - the fun of traveling with a tight-knit crew, meeting the finest people you could ever hope to know, and shooting in all 50 states many times over. Looking back at my favorite moments with the old crew while hitting the open road was the perfect way to reunite, especially at a time like the one we're all living through now. I know that fans of the show will have as much fun watching, as we did filming.

Discovery Channel had a solid hit on its hands back in the mid-2000s when it gave the green light to Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs. The show ran for eight seasons and was honored with five Primetime Emmy nominations, with three of those being for Outstanding Reality Program. Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip, will feature the original Dirty Jobs crew in a four-episode series as they travel the country in an RV to reminisce about the original show and catch up with some of the people who were profiled the first time around.

As Mike Rowe noted, Dirty Jobs put a much needed spotlight on many of the essential jobs done which most of us never think about as things that need doing to put food on our tables, keep clean water flowing into our homes, and make life easier in general than it would be without these essential workers. For Rowe, now feels like the best time to bring it back, and revisit some of those jobs and the people who do them, because we've all realized, in the past several months, just how necessary so many of these hidden jobs are to the comfort of our daily lives.

The original series chronicled a whopping different 300 jobs, and each episode of Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip is going to focus on a specific theme (Infrastructure, Innovator, Isolation, and Animals) to highlight past workers as well as telling some additional stories. And, the new show has promised viewers that it will end at "a stop at a unique destination" for the finale.

Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip will premiere on Discovery Channel, Tuesday July 7, at 9 p.m. EST. For more on what to watch in the coming weeks, check out our 2020 Netflix guide and see what else is coming to TV this summer!

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