Adam Savage And The Mythbusters Cast Pay Tribute After Grant Imahara Dies At 49

Grant Imahara on White Rabbit Project (2016)

The Mythbusters community was rocked this morning when it was reported that former host Grant Imahara had died. The popular TV personality and engineer passed away suddenly at the age of 49 due to a brain aneurysm. Since the news was first reported, many of Imahara’s friends and colleagues have taken to social media to pay tribute to him. Now, a number of his Mythbusters co-stars, including Adam Savage, have taken the time to honor their late friend.

Following the news of Grant Imahara’s passing, Adam Savage posted a heartfelt message on Twitter in which he praised his friend as a “brilliant engineer, artist and friend” and expressed how much he’ll be missed:

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With so many years of friendship, one can only imagine how hard this time must be for Adam Savage. He and Grant Imahara worked together on Mythbusters for nearly a decade. Imahara joined the show’s cast during the third season and, after Discovery attempted to cut costs, he – along with other members of the cast – was dropped in following the 2014 season.

In addition to Savage, Mythbusters alum Kari Byron spent most of the morning posting pictures and sharing memories of Grant Imahara. After posting the photos, Byron sent out a post featuring more pictures of Imahara and included a brief caption expressing her heartbreak over the situation:

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Mythbusters’ Tory Belleci, another good friend of Imahara, also took to Twitter to share a tribute and included a humorous picture of the two:

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During Mythbusters’ 15-year run, it was clear to see that the cast and crew had become a relatively tight unit, and this is certainly clear through the way many of them have paid tribute to Grant Imahara.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the Mythbusters family has had to say goodbye to one of their own. Jessi Combs, who served as a member of the Build Team, was tragically killed last year when she crashed a high-speed, jet-powered car. Combs did so while trying to break her own land speed record, which was recently verified by Guinness.

While Grant Imahara leaves behind a legacy that also includes plenty of acting credits, his work on Mythbusters is arguably what he’ll be remembered for most. During his time on the show, he applied his knowledge of engineering and robotics to numerous challenges. One can only imagine just how much his colleagues appreciated his insights and know-how.

Losing someone is never easy, especially someone you’ve been able to work with so closely for so long. Despite this, it’s encouraging to see that Adam Savage and the other Mythbusters stars are using the time to celebrate Grant Imahara’s life and appreciate the time they were able to spend with him.

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