It is a travesty that Beverly D’Angelo hasn’t gotten more material over the years. The actress was wonderful in the Vacation series, brilliant in her supporting turn in American History X and a real scene stealer on Entourage. Still, she always seems to end up in things like How High and The House Bunny. It’s great that she’s worked consistently for three decades, but I’d like to see more. Maybe this will be exactly what she needed.

According to Deadline, D’Angelo has been cast as Whitney Cummings’ mom in the comedienne’s upcoming NBC pilot. Divorced three times, snarky and extremely jaded, she’ll provide a little friction to the main character and her boyfriend as they try to make a go of things.

Nothing is a guarantee during pilot season, but Cummings has experienced a lot of positive buzz from her work on The Chelsea Handler Show and the brilliant roast she gave to Joan Rivers. Combining that with Beverly D’Angelo’s experienced and steady work should give the untitled sitcom a leg up when NBC is choosing its fall schedule.

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