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Ok, if the preview for the next episode of The Big C is making me tear up, I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through the actual episode. Not that this is a major complaint, nor am I willing to really complain that the trailer for Part 3 of The Big C's four-part final season gives away too much, though it kind of does. From the looks of it, "Quality of Life" will have Cathy modeling Andrea's Pharoah-inspired gown on the runway. And that looks like it's just one of numerous emotional scenes featured in the episode.

The title "quality of life" leaves me with an unsettled feeling. Cathy's not doing so good. This week's episode had her losing feeling in one leg and requiring a cane to get around, and ended with her not recognizing Paul. I'm going to guess that the amnesia is only temporary and just another symptom of the tumors. All the same, these are things that would affect her quality of life, and they may be signs that the end is near - or that Cathy's ready for the end to be near. The more optimistic look at the title is that Cathy will reflect on the quality of her own life. She has people who love her, and she's made a difference in their lives.

The clips indicate that Cathy has moved into hospice care, which is where she'll presumably stay until she dies.

There's a cat there, but apparently, it has a pretty dark reputation...

Sean is determined not to let this cat predict his sister's death.

Meanwhile, in this clip, Cathy attempts to learn the Entertainer and has a conversation with her counselor.

Maybe it's the morphine, but Cathy seems to be in a better mindset now. But how is her family dealing with it?

The Big C airs Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET on Showtime

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