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After Felicity was shot by Damien Darhk’s men at the end of the Arrow midseason finale "Dark Waters," she lost the use of her legs and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. The doctors told her she would never be able to walk again, but she received renewed hope from Curtis Holt last week when he revealed that he’s developing technology that would get her back on her feet. Now a new image suggests that this technology will be working just in time for a big moment in her life.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted a photo out yesterday showing Oliver and Felicity about to get married, and as you can see, Felicity is standing. Curtis told her in "Code of Silence" that if all went as planned, his implantable bio-stimulant would be ready in time for her wedding. Oliver and Felicity got engaged shortly before the attack on their limo in “Dark Waters,” and regaining the use of her legs would make a fantastic wedding present. There’s been no hint one way or the other whether her disability will be temporary or permanent, so it wouldn’t be surprising.

While some special Arrow moments teased out in photos ahead of time have been revealed as hallucinations or dream sequences, Guggenheim’s updated caption (as seen above) says that it isn't either of those, nor is it an “alternate reality” or “flash forward to a potential future.” However, just because Oliver and Felicity are about to get married in that scene doesn’t mean something won’t happen at the last second. The showrunners have said before that their relationship is going to hit an especially rough patch in the near future. There’s also the added section of the flash forward in “Blood Debts.” After Oliver has his conversation with Barry Allen at that mysterious grave, he goes back to Felicity in their limo, and she’s not wearing a wedding ring. Because she was sitting, it was questioned whether she’ll be walking again by that point or not.

While we won’t see Felicity standing anytime soon, tonight’s episode, “Taken,” may have something to do with a possible falling out between her and Oliver in the future. The previews have shown her and the rest of the team learning about his son, William, who was kidnapped by Damien Darhk last week. Oliver kept William secret out of respect for the mother, Samantha Clayton, but Felicity may not appreciate being kept in the dark (so to speak). As for Curtis, although he’s one of Palmer Technologies’ most talented employees, there’s no guarantee his bio-stimulant will have a permanent effect. The point being, events on Arrow rarely go as planned, so stay cautious, fans.

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