HBO Max’s Green Lantern Series Producer On Learning From Mistakes In Ryan Reynolds’ Film

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) stares off in Green Lantern (2011)

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While DC Comics has seen mixed success within the realm of cinema, the brand has consistently churned out quality content for television. This is greatly due to the rise of the Arrowverse and other live-action series over the past decade. Of course, the stable of content is always expanding and, in the near future, fans can expect to see a Green Lantern show hit their screens. While the details that have been revealed are enough to get one excited, some fans may still have reservations about the property, due largely to Ryan Reynolds’ 2011 film. However, producer Marc Guggenheim has shared some thoughts on how he and his team would like to remedy the mistakes made with that particular movie.

At this point in his career, Marc Guggenheim has just about done it all. He’s helped shepherd Arrowverse shows like Arrow and Supergirl and has also served as a writer and/or producer on a host of other TV series. He also, however, co-wrote the screenplay for Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern with Arrowverse producer Greg Berlanti and Michael Green, which was later re-written by Michael Goldenberg. Now, as Guggenheim, Berlanti and their collaborators work on this new series, the veteran producer is making their approach clear:

Green Lantern, we're approaching it as doing it distinct from the Arrowverse. It's not going to have any creative tendrils. But yeah, myself, Greg Berlanti, Lamont Magee, Geoff Johns, we've all got experience in the Arrowverse. I'm sure that in some way, shape, or form, the sensibilities but also a lot of lessons, we learned a lot of lessons across doing these shows both from a creative standpoint and a production standpoint. I'm sure we'll be bringing that experience to Green Lantern as we get deeper and deeper into the series.

It definitely seems as though Marc Guggenheim and the Green Lantern team are trying to craft a strong show and avoid any of the backlash that the film received a decade ago. Even today fans still share negative thoughts on the movie, and even the self-deprecating Ryan Reynolds has no problem joking about it.

But Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti are all business, based on the former’s recent comments to And it sounds like their work on the movie is what’s motivating them on this new Green Lantern production:

Greg and I have worked together for 16 years now. We've worked together on a lot of different things - some DC-related, some not DC-related. He came to me years ago, now, with the idea of ‘DC is letting us do a Green Lantern series for their streaming service, would you want to be involved?’ And, I said, of course. Because of the movie and that experience, there's a strong desire on my part and on Greg's part to get right what had been gotten wrong ten years ago.

Early details on HBO Max’s Green Lantern suggest the show will be almost entirely different from its big-screen predecessor. For starters, the show is set to move away from veteran Lantern Hal Jordan and focus on other members of the galactic peacekeeping organization. With this, the series will reportedly shift between different time periods. The show is also said to be a step above the Arrowverse shows when it comes to production values. Other live-action DC shows are also available to stream on HBO Max, which you can sign up for using this link.

Despite the Green Lantern movie, there’s still plenty of reason to have faith in Marc Guggenheim and co. There’s clearly a lot of experience between the group, and their work on the Arrowverse is a true testament to their passion for DC Comics.

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