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Billy Dee Williams To Guest Star On Modern Family

With Disney's recent acquisition of Lucasfilms, Star Wars is a hot topic these days, as is anything or anyone related to the beloved sci-fi franchise. That includes Billy Dee Williams, who played the role of Lando Calrissian in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The actor is set to make an appearance on Modern Family in an upcoming episode this season.

EW shared the news that Williams is set to appear in the holiday episode of Modern Family titled "New Year's Eve." He's playing himself in the episode and will have a run-in with Ed O'Neill's character Jay, who crosses paths with him during a game of cards while on a family holiday trip to Palm Springs.

Williams has made a few TV appearances in recent years, playing the voice of Lando in an episode of The Cleveland Show, and guest starring on White Collar, Mad and NCIS. And he played himself in Man Up and The Life & Times of Tim, so that's not exactly new territory for the actor either. Still, it's great news for Star Wars fans especially if there's a reference to the films or his character in the episode. I can just imagine Jay making a sarcastic Lando remark. And it's worth noting that Modern Family airs on ABC, which just so happens to be a Disney owned network.

EW also says Nathan Lane will be back on the show in the episode that follows "New Year's Eve," reprising his character Pepper, who runs into Mitch and Cam on the golf course.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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