Returning for its second season later this summer is Boss, the series that earned itself (and Starz) two Golden Globe nominations this year, one of which was for Grammer's excellent performance as Mayor Kane, an intimidating, powerful but vulnerable Chicago mayor in the drama series. Starz released a new trailer, which gives us a better look at the kind of drama that's ahead.

The first season of Starz' Boss introduced us to Mayor Tom Kane, his family and the people he works with, and brought us into his stressful work environment, as well as revealing that he has a degenerative brain disorder that he's trying to keep a secret from everyone around him. Based on the trailer below, it looks like Season 2 will take all of that further, as his family problems intensify, particularly with his daughter, and his medical issues present an even bigger problem.

"The game is power. The rules are rigged. The players are ruthless. Everyone has something to lose."

Is it me, or does Tom Kane already seem scarier this season than he did last season? It doesn't help that it sounds like his brain problems are getting worse. Not only does the brains disorder make him a bit unpredictable, but keeping it a secret and not knowing how bad it's going to get (or how fast it's going to progress) sort of makes Tom Kane a ticking time bomb. Plus, it's a pretty major source of stress for a man whose job is already full of stressful situations, as evidenced by the preview above. How will he deal with it? We'll find out when Season 2 premieres August 17 (9:00 p.m. ET/PT) on Starz.

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