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As far as titles go, The CW has the edge on ABC Family in terms of their upcoming ballet-themed programming. But there's no reason ballet fans have to choose between the two. While ABC Family's Bunheads is a scripted drama with a ballet theme, the CW's upcoming series Breaking Pointe is an unscripted look at the art and "sport" of ballet.

Set to premiere at the end of the month, Breaking Pointe gives us a look at the hard work and determination that goes into ballet dancing. Though the trailer below is only a thirty-second glimpse at the series, it does a great job of giving us a look at what some ballet dancers go through in their efforts to achieve perfection…

"It's constantly striving for perfection but knowing you're never gonna make it."

Interesting words to describe the grueling and competitive nature of ballet. As my knowledge of ballet is pretty much limited to the film Black Swan, it should be interesting to see what kind of stories are told in this upcoming new reality series.

Breaking Pointe premieres on The CW on Thursday, May 31.

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