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For a young actor trying to get a leg up in the entertainment industry, getting a spot on The Walking Dead could make or break a career. For someone as esteemed as the Tony Award-winning Broadway icon Chita Rivera, it wouldn’t be so important. Except as it turns out, Rivera really really wants to be on The Walking Dead. Make it happen, Robert Kirkman!


While promoting her most recent Tony-nominated performance in The Visit, Rivera stopped by The Tonight Show for the first time and spoke to an awestruck Jimmy Fallon. After she makes a joke about eating his face because she thinks he’s so cute, Fallon makes a reference to The Walking Dead, and Rivera totally runs with it.
Give me some Walking Dead. Oh yeah, I want to do that...For real. [Daughter] Lisa and I love The Walking Dead. I mean, we watch it. We never miss it. I think it’s extraordinary. I think all of the actors are amazing. I think the stories are amazing. The survival is fantastic. And the make-up department – I mean wow, how do they do it?

It’s not every day a Presidential Medal of Freedom winner actively shows interest in entering the world of horror television, but Rivera would be a total class act in the zombie apocalypse. Fallon called on his audience to hop on Twitter and make this happen, and one hopes that enough of them listened to get Kirkman’s attention. (Check out the entire interview here.)

Admittedly, there aren’t a ton of places for an 82-year-old stage legend to fit into the world of The Walking Dead, especially since Alexandria doesn’t have a musical theater program (yet), but it shouldn’t be too hard to find a place for her. Hell, Anthrax’s Scott Ian appeared on the show in the past as a zombie who got killed, and maybe Rivera would be up for something similar in Season 6, seeing as how she likes the make-up so much.

But her fans would probably want to see her more in her element, so maybe Kirkman could get her on the spinoff Fear the Walking Dead, where the world isn’t yet completely ravaged by walkers. She could be putting on some kind of a performance in L.A. when the shit hits the fan. Maybe she gets a zombie to dance with her. Maybe not. I don’t write these things.

Having starred in dozens of plays since the early 1950s – including such classics as Guys and Dolls, West Side Story, Bye Bye Birdie, Hello, Dolly! and many more – Rivera knows a little something about accomplishment, and was the first Latino American to receive a Kennedy Center Honors award. So if she wants a spot on The Walking Dead, it’s our duty as a nation of zombie-lovers to give it to her.

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